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 Beloved Tutors:


To update the site, click "login." The username is swcwc; you know what the password is.

  • Once you log in, click the "edit site" button. This will present you with a toolbar much like you'd find on MS Word.
  • To add a link, go to the appropriate links page, click "edit site" and type in the site's title, i.e., Diana Hacker's Rules for Writers Site.  Then, highlight the title, and select the "Link" button on the toolbar next to the blue earth symbol. Changen Link Type to "URL" and type in the site address.


Some guidelines for updating existing sites:

  • Please don't remove a link unless you get an "OK" from a coordinator. If a link is broken and you find the new site, however, feel free to update that.



Guidelines for adding new sites: 

  • The sites you link to should be WC or tutoring-related. Once the site gets going, we may break  up the links into more appropriate categories (i.e., sites primarily for grammar instruction and exercises, sites for composition, sites for reading, etc.). Please be sure that you put the link in the appropriate site.
  • Note that the site is updated using the Verdana font. Let's stick with that, unless you want to change the entire site over to the new font you like.


Don't offer the password to tutees. You don't want anyone to mess with the site and leave your coordinator looking like this:




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