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Links to Other Writing and Grammar Websites

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The following is a list of other useful sites relating to grammar, writing, formatting, and research. Descriptions follow the site name.




  • This site contains handouts of grammar concepts as well as links to fun, interactive exercises.



  • An interactive site in which students practice identifying nouns, verbs, etc. by playing... hangman! This is great for students learning to identify parts of speech. 


Internet Search Tutorial

  •  A self-paced tutorial designed to help you evaluate the credibility of internet sources.


Evaluating Web Pages

  • This website will help you determine whether or not your internet source is credible.


The Modes of Writing

  • A site that offers sample paragraphs in the modes of writing (i.e., comparison-contrast, cause-and-effect) and explains characteristics of each.


 Guide to Grammar and Writing

  • This site contains links to handouts on sentence-level mechanics, paragraph development, and writing essays. The site also provides quizzes corresponding to each of its links


Essay Map

  • This is a great, interactive site that helps students organize their thoughts into an essay format. The site prompts students to fill in sentences that compose the skeleton of a complete essay.


Grammar Girl

  • A database of Mignon Fogarty's (aka Grammar Girl) podcasts on various grammar topics, such as "Comma Splices" or "Spoonerisms, Mondegreens, Eggcorns, and Malapropisms." You can also see the transcript of each episode, so you don't necessarily need to download it.


University North Carolina Chapel Hill's Writing Center

  • A pretty comprehensive collection of handouts on the writing process, essay structure, editing essays, as well as a section of handouts on writing in specific fields.


Grammar Grater

  • Minnesota Public Radio's Grammar Grater is a weekly podcast of short (less than ten-minute) broadcasts of topics such as often-misused words and use of passive voice. They are set to fun music, and there are transcripts of each session. Thanks to Henry Aronson for this fun link! Good as a resource for students doing a project with grammar.

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